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L'Entrepot is an antique NY furniture warehouse and design source. Showcasing a wide array of antique styles from various eras, this NY antiques store can spice up your home by making it timeless and unique. L’Entrepot is owned and operated by Linda Kennedy, an Interior Designer in New York who specializes in French furniture, in addition to pieces from China, Italy, England and other parts of the world.

NY Antiques

Apart from being an antique warehouse, L'Entrepot also offers design insight and consultation. Our interior design services include: reupholstering, window treatments, furniture refurnishing and repair, and decorative painting services.

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At L’Entrepot the discerning client can choose from exquisite antique pieces such as armoires and chandeliers. Other home accessories that are quite popular with our Antique NY clients include chests and mirrors. One major reason why our collection of antiques is so popular is because they can be a wise investment for a savvy collector. Not only does the right piece become more exquisite with age, but its history – its unique story – can lead to considerable appreciation in value over time. And because the life span of a typical antique furniture piece is considerably longer than today’s new furniture, that appreciation can really add up.

Interior Designer New York

Interior Designer New York

Made with proven materials that have stood the test of time by expert craftsmen, antique furniture can be passed on from generation to generation and will always make a good addition to any home. So if you’re going for a classic look that will last for dozens or even hundreds of years, why not try antiques? L'Entrepot is the premier source of Antique NY furniture and we can also assist with any interior design needs by and established Interior Designer in New York.